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Why couplertec electronic rustproofing

CouplerTec Electronic Rustproofing is a wholly owned and operated Australian company which is based at Burleigh Heads on Australia’s Gold Coast. CouplerTec is the World leader in the manufacture and supply of Electronic Rustproofing Systems for the Automotive and Heavy Equipment industries. More than 1,000,000 CouplerTec Electronic Rustproofing Systems have been sold worldwide. CouplerTec’s Internationally Patented ‘Capacitive Coupling Technology’ has a superior reputation for product effectiveness, quality and reliability. Our product is backed by a network of more than 100 Authorised Couplertec Dealers located throughout Australia which provides sales, installation and warranty support.


The company’s mission is: To provide vehicle owners throughout the world with a proven, environmentally friendly, cost effective method of protection against rust & corrosion.


All CouplerTec products are designed, engineered, and manufactured in Australia to strict ISO 9001 Quality Standards and have been tested to CISPR 25 Electromagnetic Compatibility Standards. Approval number N28214.


CouplerTec’s ‘Capacitive Coupling Technology’ has been awarded the following International Patents; 

Australia Patent 2007236536
Canada Patent 2642716
France Patent 07718629.4
Germany Patent 07718629.4
Switzerland Patent 07718629.4
United Arab Emirates Patent 909
United Kingdom Patent 07718629.4
United States of America Patent 7,901,547

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