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The majority of motor vehicles are made from metal and unfortunately when metal is combined with air and moisture the result is RUST. Simply washing a vehicle increases the chances of RUST damage. Any type of moisture, humidity, minerals, chemicals, and airborne salt as an example can also assist in the forming of RUST. CouplerTec Electronic Rust Proofing Systems prevents rust from taking hold.

Sprays and coatings are only as good as where they can reach. Unless the vehicle is completely stripped and then a spray coating applied, it is not possible to protect any more than 50% of the vehicle’s surface. CouplerTec protects100% of the vehicle’s surface including all the hidden and hard to reach areas and it also prevents rust damage caused by stone chips and scratches which spray coating’scan not protect against.

Absolutely YES! The addition of a CouplerTec system will improve and enhance any sprays already applied to your vehicle; however, the addition of sprays is not necessary.

NO – Electronic rustproofing has been around for decades in the forms of Impressed Current Cathodic Protection (ICCP) & Sacrificial Anodes, which were designed for protecting inground pipe lines and boats etc from rust. These devices in their true form are effective for their intended use; however, they scientifically cannot work on motor vehicles. CouplerTec’s Patented Capacitive Coupling Technology has been specifically developed for protecting motor vehicles from rust. CouplerTec is acknowledged as the world’s leader in the design and manufacture of electronic rust proofing systems for the automotive and heavy machinery industries.

Yes – Even in severe cases, CouplerTec systems have been proven to slow the corrosion process. It is recommended that a CouplerTec system be installed prior to having your vehicle’s rust repaired, this will allow time for the CouplerTec Technology to stabilise any existing corrosion. But remember, as good as this product is, it is not a miracle cure for badly rusted vehicles, as the more rust the vehicle has, the harder it is to stop.

Yes. CouplerTec systems have passed many extensive field test evaluations which have been carried out within some of the most corrosive environments on the face of the planet. CouplerTec Systems have been tested to CISPR25 Electromagnetic Compatibility Standards. Approval Number N28214. CouplerTec is acknowledged internationally and respected as the global leader and authority in electronic rustproofing within the Automotive & Heavy Equipment Industries.

The CouplerTec system confirms correct operation by way of a green flashing light.

Yes it will. The CouplerTec system works with aluminium in exactly the same manner as it works with steel. It will prevent the aluminium from oxidization.

No – CouplerTec systems draw less power from the battery than is required to power a dash board clock.

No – CouplerTec complies with the strict testing standards for Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) and will not interfere or hurt anything, and there is no reason why a CouplerTec system could ever void a manufacturer’s warranty.

Yes – It is impossible to have one model that suits all size vehicles and the specific unique individual driving conditions, environs and exposure to corrosive conditions. Each CouplerTec system type differs in the number of internal circuits and capacitive couplers that may be required.

Yes – The CouplerTec system is easily transferred from one vehicle to another.

Our research has determined that the addition of a CouplerTec system to a vehicle will ensure that small paint chips and scratches will not spread. There is also anecdotal evidence to suggest that the technology ensures the vehicle’s paintwork and lustre is kept looking like new for longer.

None – CouplerTec’s patented Capacitive Coupling Technology uses capacitive couplers, which are affixed to the vehicles painted surface and are not sacrificial like anodes are. Any product that uses anodes or runs a wire straight to a screw or bare metal is using Cathodic/ Impressed current technology that was designed for boats or underground pipes etc – NOT motor vehicles.

No – Unlike conventional sprays and coatings that need to be reapplied on a regular basis. A CouplerTec system is a once only cost and the module can be easily transferred to another vehicle.

The system’s life is indefinite, the electronics are solid state (no moving parts) and the electronic board is totally encapsulated in an epoxy resin that makes it completely sealed.

NO, every Capacitive Coupler must operate off it’s own dedicated circuit in order for this technology to work.

No, CouplerTec’s Capacitive Coupling Technology is patented, therefore, if another product existed that was similar to CouplerTec then it would be in breach of the CouplerTec patents. CouplerTec is the ONLY proven form of Electronic Rustproofing to protect motor vehicles and heavy machinery.

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